Toronto Private Planes Make Business Aviation Possible

High Class, High Altitude

In a metropolitan city as bustling as Toronto, private planes are readily available for both upscale business aviation and luxury personal vacations. Soaring at high altitudes in a high-class aircraft is the best way to travel for a multitude of reasons. Whether a traveler requires private air travel as a necessity of business or as a personal luxury, the convenience of chartering a plane makes the added expenditure more than pay for itself.


Save Time, Save Money


The majority of stress involved with commercial air travel has to do with time wasted waiting at airport baggage counters, security checkpoints, and boarding queues. Flying on a schedule that is dictated by an airline also means being subject to missed connections, lengthy layovers, and sometimes flights that are cancelled all together.


Imagine the ease and expediency of being able to fly with an itinerary that has been custom built around your schedule. In addition, there are more than 100,000 airports in North American that are able to accommodate private aircraft, as opposed to roughly 500 airports for larger commercial aircraft. This means that your flight may begin and end exactly where and when you need them to, and avoid long highway commutes after being aboard an aircraft for hours.


Not only that, but all of the details before your departure and after your arrival can be pre-arranged to ensure spending the least amount of time possible in transit. Full-service aviation begins before take-off and continues after landing. Your personalized service may also include arrangements being made for ground transportation to the departing airport and again upon arrival at your destination.


Security Without Security


Forget the days of arriving at airport security and being forced to take off your shoes, empty your carry-on bag, or turn into the subject of invasive security pat downs and X-ray screenings. The Canadian Transport Agency assures that a fixed-based operator is granted the right by an airport to operate a private flight terminal. So rather than spending hours manoeuvring through a busy airport that is stuffed to capacity with overwhelmed tourists and harried executives, travelers on a private plane are able to casually pull up to an aircraft hangar and find themselves ready for take-off in a matter of minutes.


Sick of Commercial Airlines, Literally


People traveling for business frequently find themselves aboard commercial aircraft. Even if they are booked in business class, germs that are prevalent on jumbo jetliners do not know first class from economy class, which puts business people at a greater risk of catching airborne illnesses. By traveling on a private jet, executives can rest assured that the aircraft they are on has been immaculately cleaned before taking off, meaning they will not miss any important meetings due to having a cold or influenza.


Project a Successful Image
Image is a very important component of a thriving business or corporation. In addition to schedule flexibility, reduced stress levels, and increased privacy, hiring a private jet charter shows colleagues and competitors a company that values time and can afford to fly efficiently in and out of Toronto. Private planes project a company or executive that is confident, resourceful, and successful.